Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Practical ways to get your 5 a day

The NHS in the UK list some very practical and frugal ways to maintain your five a day on a budget. Reference.
None of the tips are rocket science but it is a reminder of what to bear in mind when next in the supermarket:
  • I think the most valuable tip is to buy fruit and vegetables loosely or not prepacked, if I recall correctly, when i was younger, you could always buy fruit and vegetables individually, nowadays many of the express supermarkets only stock a number of prepacked items together, such as bags of fruit. It is easier to mix and match, thus broadening the variety of nutrients, when you buy individual items and it avoids waste from bulk buying.
  • Snack on fruit as it is much cheaper and contains more health benefits than chocolate* or crisps.  
  • Certain tinned and frozen foods still contain all their nutrients and their shelf life is prolonged making them handy to have in the cupboard or freezer; tinned tomatoes and frozen peas are good examples of this point, additionally there is lots of evidence to suggest flash frozen foods retain even more of their beneficial qualities as they are frozen when perfectly ripe or in their most "nutrient rich state". Reference.

There is plenty of current research that explicates the health benefits of certain types of chocolate and the cocoa bean which might be worth returning to for another blog entry at a later date.

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